Reviews from Ed's audiences . . .

  • "Well, you've done it again! Another fantastic presentation. It's really quite exciting to see you inspire our people." Kenneth Magee, Director, Florida Special Olympics
  • "Dr. Wycoff's presentation was excellent and was considered one of the highlights of our two-day, company-wide conference . . . very few other meetings have had such a high rating in recent times." Robert Slack, Manager, Personnel Communication, IBM Corporate Headquarters, New York
  • "Your message, well laced with good humor, was the perfect business meeting touch for our 'fun-in-the-sun' day. Again, many thinks for another fine job for IBM" Dr. Howard Gordon, Director, Corporate Communication, IBM Corporate Headquarters, New York
  • "Ed's a solid performer, always with something a little wild and entertaining. But more important than that, you can always count on Ed to have a message of real value to managers. You can't go home from a session with Ed Wycoff without thinking long and hard about how you can communicate and work better with your employees." William Heink, Chairman of the Board, National Managers Association also Director of Space Shuttle Launch Operations, Florida
  • "You were the highlight of our conference. Your comments could not have been more pertinent." Joseph Webber, president, Illinois Art Educators Association
  • "I've seen literally hundreds of audiences captivated by Ed's infectious, natural humor. They laugh alright, but are often surprised they get such a substantive messages as well." Arnold "Nick" Carter, Vice President, Nightingale-Conant Corporation and Board Member, National Speakers Association
  • "Ed's seminars on humor are the best received of any conducted for Toastmasters . . ." Hugh Burgay, International Director, Toastmasters International
  • "The response has been tremendous . . . best meeting we have ever had." Ed Scott, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Florida
  • "Ed's stage presence and communication ability are unsurpassed." Harold Bacon, Director [1989], National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, Reno, Nevada
  • "Your job as master of ceremonies for the National Congress on Aviation and Space Education in Las Vegas was simply magnificent. You were diplomat, comedian, referee and time keeper--a true master of communication and ceremony." John Sorenson, Director [1983], National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • " We were not only entertained, but were thoroughly inspired." D.T. Squires, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • "Ed does an outstanding job for us on every occasion." John Milstead, CEO, Florida Bankers Association
  • "If you could play piano, you could shove Victor Borge right out of show business." D.M. Hill, General Electric Company
  • "While most speaker have something important to say, your particular style not only gets the point across, it also entertains as you maintain the interest of every person in the audience." Fredrick Walsh, Chief of Police, Orlando, Florida
  • "A fantastic presentation." Rick Fort, Lockheed Martin Space Operations, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • "Your presentation at our seminar was a tremendous hit! It was informative, inspirational and entertaining as well." Alma Schutz, president, National Secretaries Association, Florida
  • "Ed's funny, but make no mistake about it. Everything he says is aimed at honing your sales techniques to an even sharper edge." St. Petersburg Sales and Marketing Executives Club, Florida
  • "Your remarks and the ideas which you shared with us were tremendous. Each of us came away with something different‹something which we could put to use in our daily work." William Nunley, Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company, Minnesota
  • "Išve seen many professional comedians unable to achieve your level of humor and audience response." Floyd Hedrick, Chief, Purchasing, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
  • "A perfect combination of information and humor. However, now the group has high expectations and youšll be a tough act to follow." Mike Schnoke, Grumman Technical Services, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • Ed Wycoff is an excellent speaker who gets rave reviews. We recently spoke on the same program together in Las Vegas, I spoke first and Ed followed. He got the only standing ovation of the day. Of course, it could have been because he was last on the program and the crowd had to get up to leave anyway." Doc Blakely, humorist/author, past director, National Speakers Association.

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