Dr. Ed Wycoff   is a rare mix between a scholarly professor and a humorist speaker. For over thirty years, he has been one of the country's leading authorities on communication and humor. He is a national award-winning professor, a national award-winning humorist speaker, an international award-winning writer, and a national award-winning military officer. He has been an aerospace engineer, a motion picture producer, a television host and ended up as an emeritus professor. Ed holds B.S. in speech, an MBA in management and a Ph.D. in communication [Florida State University].

University of Central Florida Website, www.UCF.Edu   "Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication Edgar Wycoff in 30 years as a professor taught the University of Central Florida and the world to laugh and how to make others join in. He is an international pioneer at the university level in teaching how to convey important messages to mass audiences through the use of humor and dramatic speaking. As one of American's most respected communication experts and consultants, Wycoff has brought national attention to the University."

Most invite Ed to their programs because they know they will get about 80 percent solid laughs. He clowns, uses vivid props and imagery, and inspires.

Maybe somewhere among the items listed below you'll fine something that stirs your interest in calling upon Ed as a resource:

Presentational speaking

  • Nationally - popular convention keynote speaker and seminar leader before hundreds of professional audiences. Topics include: humor, listening, presentational speaking, success motivation, and management communication.
  • Florida Board of Regents honored with a unique "distinguished community service" award for impact of his presentations throughout State and Nation [1999].
  • Traveled U.S. for 10 years presenting eminently popular lecture-comedy "How Not to Communicate" for Lockheed Martin Corporation.


  • Coached and consulted with executives on communication and humor at Pentagon, Disney World, IBM corporate headquarters, and for Orlando Magic [National Basketball Association].
  • Speaking presentations coach for several University students winning international/national awards [one became Miss America].
  • Appointed faculty member for Charles F. Kettering Foundation and National Assembly of Bank Directors.
  • Presented one of the highest-rated programs on communication at IBM Corporate headquarters.


  • Was collegiate circus acrobat appearing on NBC's "Today Show" and nationally televised "Sealtest Big Top."
  • One of first internationally to teach humor as accredited course in state university [began in 1974]. [Now over 100 courses offered throughout world.]
  • Member & presented papers at International Society for Humor Studies and Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.
  • Two-time national award-winning humorist speaker [Toastmasters International]
  • Asked by noted humor physician Patch Adams to join in clowning tour of China.
  • Probably inherited much of his humor from third cousin Mark Twain. [great-grandmother a Clemens.] Other links to history include being pictured in international press as Abe Lincoln, with applauding Ronald Reagan looking on.


  • Designated "emeritus professor" at University of Central Florida in Orlando [2003].
  • National Speakers Association's "Outstanding U.S. Professor for 1993" [their highest award to an educator].
  • Honored by University of Central Florida as among top teaching professors in Florida.
  • Received highest award for distinguished professional service at his University [1999].
  • Selected "Best Teacher" by College of Social Sciences.


  • Negotiating first humor textbook manuscript Humor as Communication with publisher.
  • Recognized worldwide for his humor and communication research. Recent humor articles in International Journal for Humor Research & North American Journal of Psychology.
  • Publications appear in both scholarly journals as well as practical business magazines.
  • Invited contributor to American Management Association's Handbook of Management and the Encyclopedia of Radio.
  • Named 1995's "Outstanding Contributor" at Institute of Internal Auditor's International Conference in Paris for article on listening.
  • Presented papers before scholarly symposia in U.S. and abroad. Recent articles on humor appear in International Journal for Humor Research and North American Journal of Psychology.


  • Hired by headquarters staff of National Management Association on a regular basis as first speaker for their new chapters. William Heink, Chairman of the Board, National Managers Association said: "You can always count on Ed to have a message of real value to managers. You can't go home from a session with Ed Wycoff without thinking long and hard about how you can communicate and work better with your employees."
  • Invited contributor to American Management Association's Handbook of Management.
  • Taught graduate course in communication management for 25 years.

Aviation and Space

  • Featured speaker before every management group at Kennedy Space Center including NASA's Space Shuttle launch team. Invited back to McDonnell Douglas management group four times.
  • Frequent master of ceremonies, introducing some of countryıs leading personalities in aviation and space, motion pictures, television and government including first U.S. astronaut Adm. Alan Shepard, on 30th anniversary of his historic flight.
  • For many years, introduced his "right stuff" test pilot friends Gen. Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield. Was regular emcee for National Congress on Aviation and Space Education - sponsored by Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, and Smithsonian Institution - for over a decade. [Narrated one of first public tributes to Christa McAuliffe and Challenger astronauts after tragedy before an audience of aviation and space notables - including all remaining candidates of teacher-in-space program. Also teamed with Academy Award-winning actor Cliff Robertson in presenting dramatic reading before National Congress.]
  • Friendship with aviation pioneers and founder of Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum resulted in donation of important historical artifacts.


  • Retired as lieutenant colonel, U.S. Air Force Reserve.
  • Was Air Force intelligence officer in Far East.
  • Twice selected "Outstanding Reserve Public Affairs Officer" & assisted with USAF headquarters presentations at Pentagon,
  • Won "Brewer Award" highest state honor by Civil Air Patrol for distinguished aerospace education. Also made honorary colonel in U.S Civil Air Patrol.
  • Received three U.S. Air Force Meritorious Service Medals.


  • Co-founder and inductee into Winter Park [Florida] High School's Sports Hall of Fame.

Let History Repeat Itself ... Invite Ed Wycoff

The year was 1962. John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth; President John Kennedy faced the Cuban missile crisis; Martin Luther King started civil rights protests. . . and Ed Wycoff began to get responses from his speaking programs.

1962 "talented performance . . . dynamic showmanship" Florida Chiropractic Association
1963 "you're simply wonderful" new wife
1964 "a job well done" Pan American
1965 "goo, goo, da da" had baby, built home
1966 "a terrific show" Systems & Procedures Association.
1967 "adjectives more fabulous than 'fabulous'" Armed Forces Mgt. Association
1967 "in demand all over the country" Orlando Sentinel newspaper
1968 "still buzzing over your presentation" Miami Beach Chamber of Commer.
1968 "best presentation of the guest lecture series" Chief of Info., U.S. Army
1968 "engendered some real enthusiasm" Institute of Industrial Engrs.
1968 "Funniest man in ten states" Orlando Sentinel newspaper
1969 "not only entertained, but thoroughly inspired" McDonnell Douglas Corp..
1969 "you could shove Victor Borge right out of show business" General Electric Company
1970 "he's become a legend" Nightingale-Conant Corp.
1971 "Your doctoral dissertation is tremendous"(FSU,74) Earl Nightingale, motivator
1972 "excellent message cleverly disguised in humor" Industrial AV Association
1973 "It really is a great thing you do" Prudential Insurance Co.
1974 "Just what we needed" Florida Cleft Palate Association
1975 "Best meeting we've ever head " Institute of Electrical Engineers
1975 "spiked with humor you kept us glued to your teaching" St.Pete Sales & Market..Asso.
1975 "tremendously favorable reaction" Toastmasters International
1977 "Best workshop they had ever attended." Florida Dept. of HRS
1977 "Your presentation was excellent." Nat.l Ass. of Bank Directors
1977 "a message in the most palatable method" Florida PR Association
1978 "brightest part of entire four-day conference Fla Collegiate Rowing Association
1978 "provocative and substantive" Charles Kettering Found.
1979 "Undoubtedly one of the top people in the field" Orlando Board of Realtors
1979 "you were the highlight of the conference" Illinois Art Dealer's Association
1979 "outstanding job for us on every occasion" Florida Bankers Association
1979 "seminars best of any conducted for Toastmasters" Toastmasters International
1979 "your presentation was a tremendous hit" National Secretaries Association
1980 "really exciting to see you inspire our people" Florida Special Olympics
1980 "you were the 'hot item' of the weekend" Brevard Community College
1981 "a refreshing approach to a serious subject." USAF-Tactical Air Command
1981 "great insights" Former Manager, CBS TV News
1982 "highlight of our two-day conference" IBM Corporate headquarters
1983 "another fine job for IBM" Director IBM Communications
1983 "simply magnificent" Nat. Congress on.Aerospace Edu.
1984 "an unforgettable speaker"
Orlando Convention Bureau
1984 "especially pleased over your popularity" Fla.Asso. of Blood Banks
1984 "most entertaining and thought-provoking presentation" Allied Corporation
1985 "an outstanding job as master of ceremonies" Chuck Yeager, test pilot
1985 "Yeager understated the case about Ed, what does he know?ı Scott Crossfield, test pilot
1985 "a fantastic presentation" Lockheed Space Operations
1985 "most entertaining keynote address I've ever heard" Fla.Asso. of University Registrars.
1985 "You were great! Received rave reviews" Cen.Fla.Law Enforce. Association
1985 "most entertaining keynote address I've ever heard" Fla.Asso. of University Regs.
1985 "You were great! Received rave reviews" Cen.Fla.Law Enforce. Association.
1986 "My phone is still ringing!" Fla. Gift Fruit Ship. Association
1987 "hilarious . . . started us off with a bang" Florida Bankers Association
1988 "a message the guests will long remember" Convention Plan. Services
1988 "An impressive, successful, and memorable presentation" Exec. Conf. Planning, Ohio
1988 "You certainly had an immediate 'WOW!' effect " General Dynamics Space Systems.
1989 "presentation was wonderful, we wanted more" Publix Super Markets, Inc.
1990 "solid insights throughout a delightfully funny message" McDonnell Douglas Corporation
1990 "You had us rolling in the aisles" United Space Boosters(KSC)
1991 "you built a higher self-esteem among our staff" Paul W. Davis Systems, Inc.
1992 "thank you for a fabulous presentation" NASA management (KSC)
1992 "Ed, continue to carry the message." NASA Director, U.S.Space Shuttle
1992 "I have never laughed so hard at a training seminar." Fla. Board of Regents
1993 "a unique resource. . .extremely helpful in our planning" Disney World Resorts
1994 "contributed directly to our most successful season" Gen. mgr., Orlando Magic
1994 "Ed's a solid performer with very helpful insights for managers." Chair. of the Board. Nat. Mgt. Asso.
1999 "There wasn't a dry eye at the awards banquet." Nat. Cong.Aerospace Educa.
2001 "Your message and humor were superb." St.Petersburg College
2002 "You did a splendid seminar." Asso. College & Uni. Auditors
2003 "Your scholarly content on humor was wonderful." Ombudsman Association

Just a few historical reasons why you can expect great things when you invite Ed Wycoff.

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