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  • Humor As Communication, 10 chapters, [Designed to be first college textbook devoted exclusively to the general topic of humor.] In final stages of publication negotiation.

Articles by Ed in national or international magazines or journals [some are available online]

  • WYCOFF, E. & Pryor, B., "Cognitive Processing, Creativity, Apprehension, and the Humorous Personality," North American Journal of Psychology, 5, March, 2003.
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News articles about Ed

  • "Rx for Beleaguered Businesses: Humor," Orlando Business Journal, January 1-7, 1999. "The Serious Side of Laughter," University of Central Florida Report, November 6, 1998.
  • "What's So Funny: Payoffs in Learning to Be Humorous," The Sacramento Bee, January 1995.
  • "Funny-bone Gender Gap in Workplace," The Orlando Sentinel, January 1995.
  • "Have the Last Laugh," The Tallahassee Democrat, February 1995.
  • "It's No Joke--Humor Is Serious Stuff," The Orlando Sentinel, January 1992.
  • "Professor Serious About Comedy; Humor Offers Cure Students Need," The Central Florida Future, November 1991.
  • "Speaking of Motivation," The Orlando Sentinel, October 1987.
  • "A Funny Study," The St. Petersburg Times, August 1975.
  • "FTU Professor Leads Double Life as Lincoln," Orlando Sentinel, May 1976.
  • "Prof Teaches How to Get Across," The Orlando Sentinel, December 1976.
  • "Leaders Giving Way to Shared Duties," Orlando Sentinel, July 1976.

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