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Confidential appointments are available with one of the country's leading authorities on spoken presentations and humor. Ed Wycoff has coached a wide variety of corporate executives, television personalities, sports notables, politicians, and a Miss America on how to master the skills of formal speaking and presenting before a live audience. He has also taught literally thousands of college students presentational speaking for over 30 years at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The presentations course he developed was required by public relations and a host of other university majors.

The citation of Ed's 1993 award as "Outstanding U.S. Professor" by the National Speakers Association read:
"This award recognizes outstanding commitment to understanding and enhancing the spoken word shown through unusually effective undergraduate or graduate teaching of presentation skills. Furthermore, this award recognizes superior contributions through original research and significant publications."

Inga Ellzey . . . is President/CEO of the Inga Ellzey Practice Group Inc. The nation's foremost expert on dermatology coding, documentation, and reimbursement.
"Dr. Wycoff¹s teaching, no his coaching, inspiration and attention to my focusing were perhaps the turning point in my professional career.  He not only created my intense curiosity about becoming an effective speaker, but also directed my development of personal skills that would last a lifetime.  (I now own a million dollar corporation, publish books and newsletters and have the largest dermatology consulting firm in the country.)  I took a very expensive commercial presentation skills workshop that lasted two days and cost well over $5,000.  It should come as no surprise that these "professionals" did little to enhance the great job Dr. Wycoff had already done.  I guess it was worth five grand to know I was already a seasoned professional via the "Wycoff Method"!

"I asked Dr. Wycoff about my addressing 600 physicians at the Winter Park Hospital.  I needed something great.  Speaking to my peers was tremendous pressure.  He recommended building the speech around caricatures of typical patient stereotypes.  At his suggestion, I hired an artist to do sketches to go along with the speech.  The attendees were in the aisles laughing and I received my first standing ovation! What a thrill! It has been comforting to know he was always only a phone call away if I needed some advise, input or just encouragement.  I deeply appreciate his strong and continuing support in launching my exciting and rewarding career."

Dr. Eric Van Stryland, Director, School of Optics, University of Central Florida-Orlando
"Our research assistant Michael Mielke won the top prize of $10,000 with the New Focus Award competition at the International Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics in Baltimore last week. Also, the other student you coached, Joel Hales, won a runner-up prize of $2,500. Both were, without question, the best presenters in the field of international competitors. Your listening to their presentations beforehand and coaching them on the fine points of delivery apparently made all the difference."

Dr. Robert Davis, Professor, University of Central Florida-Orlando & former President, Florida Public Relations
"Shortly after the University of Central Florida was formed in Orlando, Dr. Ed Wycoff was invited to teach a course in presentational speaking. For 10 years prior to that time at the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Ed had coached and trained executives in presentation skills. Lockheed Martin had also sponsored his lecture on the subject to other companies throughout the country."

"Ed Wycoff has always maintained his credibility by not only teaching, but in practicing what he taught. In 1999, he won this College and University's top award for excellence in professional service, due to his many years as a popular conference and convention speaker. In that same year, Ed won the only award to a University faculty member by the Florida Board of Regent - a special recognition for "distinguished community service" through the positive impact of his many speeches outside the University for 28 years. He is listed in the "Who's Who in Professional Speaking."

I have little doubt that Dr. Wycoff is one of the country's leading authorities on corporate presentations and the effective use of the spoken word in business. With two national awards as a public information officer with the U.S. Air Force, Ed is also fully aware of the importance of the spoken word in an organization's public image."

John Gabriel, General Manager, Orlando Magic
Our opportunity to draw from your expertise . . . has been invaluable as we meet the public for the Orlando Magic in important presentational programs. Your advice and counsel has helped us diagnose and identify specific areas for growth. Also, your insights and illustrations have dramatically increased our awareness of a number of strategies to better reach our audiences Our discussions with you have guided us toward a clearer focus of the critical points in our message. Your assistance has contributed directly to the most successful season yet for the Orlando Magic franchise."

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