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4national award-winning educator . . .
4national award-winning humorous speaker . . .
4international award-winning writer . . .
4national award-winning military officer . . .
. . . with a message of hope, challenge and insight  
                  . . .along with side-splitting laughs.

"Funniest man in ten states. A comedian in professor's clothing."

Orlando Sentinel.

"Ed Wycoff has ribbed, tickled, and kidded his way into corporate board rooms and national business conventions with his skill in dissolving pomposity."
                                                      St. Petersburg Times

When you pick your next conference speaker, remember: an entertaining style and a message of content are crucial. Your program's success, along with your reputation, is on the line. You've got to have a pro. You'll get just that by inviting Ed Wycoff. Ed has elevated the quality of many a professional conference with his customized, informative, inspiring and delightfully funny messages. He can also help you develop your own platform presence.

From some who know him . . .

"Dr. Wycoff is one of the country's leading authorities on corporate presentations and the effective use of the spoken word in business." Robert Davis, president, Florida Public Relations Association

"Between all the humor, you interspersed great insights." Chet Burger, renowned public relations expert and former manager, CBS Television News.

"Ed, continue to carry the message." Jay Huneycutt, Director, NASA Space Shuttle

"Dramatically increased our awareness of how to better reach our audiences."
John Gabriel, general manager, NBA's Orlando Magic

"Ed's a darn good master of ceremonies." Paul Garber, founder, National Air and Space Museum

"Ed's one of the country's leading authorities on communication and humor." Floyd Hedrick, Chief, Purchasing, U.S. Library of Congress

"You do an outstanding job as narrator for the National Congress on Aviation . . . "General "Chuck" Yeager, famed "Right Stuff" test pilot and aviation pioneer

"Ed's a solid performer, always with something a little wild and entertaining." William Heink, Chairman of the Board, National Managers Association

Anyone can call themselves a professional speaker. But how many other speakers . . .
. . . have been a world pioneer in creating and teaching one of the first university courses on humor?
. . . have sat on scholarly panels over the world, yet also been asked to contribute to the pragmatic American Management Association's Handbook of Management ?
. . . have provided one of the highest-rated programs on communication at IBM Corporate headquarters in New York?
. . . have been a consultant for : Disney World, the U.S. Space Shuttle launch team; the National Basketball Association; the National Assembly of Bank Directors; the National Education Association; and the Pentagon?
. . . holds the title of communication professor emeritus with a major state university?
. . . holds a Ph.D. in public speaking from a major state university?
. . . have twice appeared as an acrobat on network television?
. . . are a third cousin of writer Mark Twain?
. . . have been pictured in the international press as Abe Lincoln with an applauding Ronald Reagan looking on?
. . . have introduced the first U.S. astronaut, Alan Shepard, to a Washington audience on the 30th anniversary of his historic flight?
. . . have teamed with an Academy Award-winning actor in performing dramatic narratives before an international audience?
. . . are respected internationally for their research in humor and communication?

Not many. This unique [okay, call it odd] background gives Ed a perspective to help you see your forest, not merely your trees.

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